Rodeka is synonymous for NATURAL

Our entire  product line - from our raw materials to our finished products and everything in between - is aimed at supplying you with that piece of nature which brings YOUR product or interior to life.  Combine, contrast, create!

More and more we bring the warm ambiance of natural materials in our interior. If you now would take a few moments to reacquaint yourself with Rodeka. We have some brand new products - bamboo and grassweave wallpapers -  high in demand AND decorative value.

Decor and set designers, windowdressers, garden architects, stand constructors - we have ideas for you too!

We also offer a wide range of products for the wine building sector.

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Collections Natural Wallcoverings

Rodeka Mondial Savanna collection

The selection in the Savanna collection has been made to give endless possibilities to re-invent interiors - through combinations and contrasts of colours and materials. Our wallpaper is the natural backdrop for whatever style interior - modern, classic, country, oriental, Scandinavian and so on. We have an eye for the details and for the quality and heart of the environment.

Rodeka Mondial New York collection

"The city that never sleeps" provides the inspiration for this new, alive and fresh collection. Modern colours, cheerful design, trendy stripes - with a bit of imagination you can detect the diverse moods and ambiences which characterize New York...
A combination of the materials velours effect, silk effect, sisal, paper and even paper with mother-of-pearl powder, based on the urban feeling of flashing NY lifestyle makes unforgettable impression.

Rodeka Mondial Pagoda collection

The collection Pagoda is characterized by the use of handwoven natural materials in combination with colourful and attractive themed prints.
Like Pagodas, each one is unique in design or colour - no two are exactly alike.
The natural materials used is the versatile sisal. After being carefully crafted into a shimmering net, the net is placed with care over the traditionally-made print, allowing the print to "peek" through.
Once on the wall, The Pagodas offer an ever-changing aspect from every viewing angle.

Rodeka Mondial Diamond collection

The diamond collection is the outsider of all our collections. It offers the best Europe has to offer from design and lifestyle. From the Mediterranean feeling to the classical interior design from England, the diamond collection gives the trendy feeling you want.